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Getting Back to Myself

60 minute massage with soothing back scrub and back mud mask. Buy Now


A Moment in Time

60 minute lavender massage, 30 minute lavender foot soak, lavender paraffin hand treatment. Buy Now


Island Blitz

60 minute papaya and coconut oil massage, freshly prepared papaya and mango facial mask, our “Refresher” 30 minute foot soak. Buy Now


Massage Crave

Experience our most popular massage (The House Massage) not once, not twice, but THREE times. You will truly score with this gift and win the affection of the one you care about! Buy Now


Massage Addict (5- 60 min. Swedish Massages)

Treat that special someone to a gift that will go above and beyond. Show them that you are serious about fine tuning them and making them just right for you to enjoy! 300 hours (massage) of serenity, bliss and relaxation will surely please anyone on you gift list. Buy Now


Expressly For You (3-Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

That person on the go that just needs to slow up just a little and relax. We promise we want keep them long. Only 30 mins. of the most blissful minutes given to the head, neck and shoulder. Sure to win you a friend! Buy Now



Full body pampering with hot healing stones and Organic Ginger Oil on a heated table, a luxurious foot and an Aromatic oil scalp massage completes the experience. 1hr.40mins./$190. Buy Now



Energize, purify and uplift your body with the aromatherapy-infused frankincense and Mandarin Orange body scrub treatment, full body massage, body brushing, and polishing ends with a ginger, clove and lemongrass pure oil blend. 2hrs.20mins./$155. Buy Now


Our Traditional Massage (Swedish)

Our Traditional Massage (Swedish) –Helps you to inhale vitality and exhale stress. 60/$60. 90/$80. Buy Now Buy Now


Neuromuscular Massage

A focused and concentrated massage technique which applies specific alternating levels of pressure to release strain and relieve chronic pain patterns from within the muscles. 60/$75. 90/$105. Buy Now Buy Now


The House Massage

Experience our rhythmic Deluxe Swedish massage. Restore harmony and balance. Helps repair and harmonize energy by working the energy systems. Experience a customized sensory experience. Pick your favorite benefit boosters from our healing selection of Temple Bases and Toppings. Buy Now



Restore serenity and balance, helps repair and harmonize energy. This treatment includes targeted pressure point massage utilizing deeper more intense, slow guided strokes making it a power massage. Buy Now


Headache Massage Duo

Improves blood flow and aids in relaxation of tension and vascular headaches. Headache Foot Soak Subdue a headache in an age old tradition by moving blood flow from the head to the foot. This hot foot soak will warm the body and release tension from the mind as you bathe your feet in lavender, peppermint, frankincense and mullein. Buy Now


Sinus Massage Duo

Relieving sinus and nasal congestion. This massage provides powerful relief helping to open and clear breathing passageways. Sinus Foot Soak Wash away the “blues” of a runny nose, congestion and headache with a powerfully aromatic blend of lavender, peppermint, frankincense and mullein. Buy Now


Sleep Massage Duo

Sleep derived? If you’re like most people you can use a few more hours of sleep. Our sleep intervention massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate while increasing serotonin. We use a popular blend of herbs to reduce moods, fatigue, and poor concentration. Sleep Foot Soak Revitalize your body while reducing stress and evoking sleep with this sedative yet invigorating essential oil and herbal foot soak with St. Johns Worth, Saffron, Valerian, Lemon Balm, Lavender and Cedarwood. “Lights Out!” Buy Now


Pain Massage Duo

Considered to be one of the oldest methods of healing this massage is designed to calm the nervous system and restore the soul by eliminating muscle soreness, aches and pains. Pain Foot Soak Forget stress and pain. Feel the wealth of a healthy body and mind while soaking in a powerful blend of ginger root, arnica, calendula, cat’s claw, capsicum and menthol. This powerful combination of essential oils and herbs increase circulation, reduce inflammation and support natural healing. Buy Now


The House Massage and Foot Soak

Experience a wonderfully paired duo. Buy Now


Deep Tissue

focuses on easing pain and tension $20.


Hot Stone

Hot Stone Therapy (6 stones) $18.


Body Toppings

our pure aromatherapy oils $10.


Avocado and Shea Butter

Avocado and Shea Butter body topping.


Hot Towels

Hot Steamy Towels applied to body.


Hot and Cold Compress

Hot and Cold contrast applied to body.


Exfoliating Hand or Foot Scrub

Deep exfoliating scrub to hand or feet.


Dessert Storm Warming Massage

Ginger, peppermint, chocolate oils and capsicum. Create a sensational hot and spicy euphoric massage great for detoxification and circulation. This is the massage that take’s it up a notch! 60/$100.


Foot Reflexology (Foot Massage)

"Overworked and underappreciated" is what our feet would murmur audibly if they could, but not today. Today we improve circulation, and increase the overall feeling of wellness from the bottom up!


Aroma Touch Massage

We apply a sequence of highly potent oils that are known for their powerful healing properties along with a systematic Aroma Touch technique that allows the oils (doTERRA) to activate the body’s meridians balancing the body’s function and system. This technique addresses the needs of the whole body by addressing stress, autonomic imbalance, toxic insult and inflammatory response. (60mins.)


Yin and Yang

Candlelight, rose petals and our customized sensual aromatherapy massage will set the tone. 90/$220.


Harmony Massage (side by side)

Couple’s one hour traditional (Swedish) massage offers a great way to introduce and share a unique experience with that special someone. So make it a harmonious moment! 60/$140.


The Harmony Massage and Foot Soak for TWO!

Double your escape with two 60 minute massages and two 30 minute foot soaks.


Yin and Yang Couple's Massage Foot Soak for TWO

Why not extend the bliss? Delight each other with a wonderful foot soak.


The Refresher

Satisfy your tired and relentless body cravings with the perfect foot soak to revivify you! Lemon balm helps with frayed nerves, Lemon Grass has a cooling effect, Ginger is great for aching muscles, Tumeric has amazing healing properities, Mint is wildly aromatic, Lime is energizing.


The Balancer

Feel simply amazing with this wonderfully aromatic mood delighter! Fennel is grounding, Ylang Ylang balances mind and body, Orange Citrus promotes positive thoughts, Lavendar is relaxing and soothing.


Ancient Soak

Healing as well as aesthetically pleasing. Neem generates heat in the body, Hisbiscuss moisturizes, Aloe relieves sore muscles, Lemon Grass is great for immune system.


Ionic Foot Detox

Experience the life-giving properties of energized water and bio-electric fields to help clear stuck energies and release toxins from your skin.


Mini Foot Massage

Add a 10 minute foot massage to any foot soak.


"Sole to Soul"

Feet and hands are wrapped in hot towels; stretched and a lemongrass scrub is applied and rewrapped in hot towels. The scrub is removed and a hydrating cream is massaged into the feet and hands for a sole soothing sensation.


Parrafin Bath Treatments

Consist of hot paraffin wax that envelopes the hands and feet to promote soothing relief of over stressed hand/foot muscles. The treatment is recommended for arthritic or stiff joints by removing excess fluid from surrounding tissue, thereby still providing lubrication. Since the fluid is unable to evaporate through the glove, moisture is infused back into the skin creating rejuvenated, hydrated, and nourished skin.


"Footloose" Foot Soak

Immerse your tired feet into a bath of smoothing calendula flowers, and oils, and the energizing fragrance of rosemary oil and Bolivian Pink Salt from the Andes Mountain region of Bolivia. The salts help to restore the natural chemical balance of the skin. Give your tired feet the rest they deserve. 30/$25.


A Calm Fire Foot Soak

Skin softening Elderberry, re-energizing Lemongrass, calming Cedar wood, stimulating Peppermint.


Eco-Fin Hand or Foot Treatment

Great for deep conditioning and hydrating the skin this natural paraffin alternative is made from all natural oils like jojoba, coconut, shea butter, vitamin E that nourish and apply penetrating heat to soothe joint pain and moisturize skin. $25. for one on $45. for both.


Pure Dreams Foot Soak

Circulation increasing Lemon Grass, Detoxifying Juniper Berries, tension taming Lavender, energizing Elder Berry.


Eco-Fin Hand or Foot Treatment

Great for deep conditioning and hydrating the skin this natural paraffin alternative is made from all natural oils like jojoba, coconut, shea butter, vitamin E that nourish and apply penetrating heat to soothe joint pain and moisturize skin. $25. for one on $45. for both.


Aloe Vera Detox Body Wrap

Body wrapping is a pleasant and relaxing experience that begins with cotton linens soaked in a warm, toxin cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution. The end result? A gratifying and noticeable size loss of 4 to 15 inches! Sign up for a prepayment plan and receive a discount.


The “Ripple Effect” Detox Massage Duo

Targets and eliminates the damaging effects of toxins making this a great massage to reset the body, and clear and revitalize the mind. Ionic Foot Bath Draws toxins and heavy metals from the body. Removes oils, acids, fats, and nicotine from the tissue and joints through the feet. This duo is also great for calorie burring and weight reduction.


Infrared Sauna

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Burn up to 700 calories per session while increasing oxygen, circulation and boosting the metabolism.


Dry Brushing

Helps detoxify, regulate metabolism and promote weight loss. Enjoy while relaxing on a heated table. 30/$40.


Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

This 30 minute destresser focuses on some of our most problem areas. Great massage for when you need a quick "pick-me-up."


"The Debonair Gentlemen's Package"

For the man who want's it all, and doesn't make no apology for it! This package includes lunch. Deep Tissue This massage utilizes deeper, firmer pressure applied into the muscle tissue to relieve stress and muscle tension. Dermalogica Facial This facial combines cleansing, exfoliation, massage with steam extractions (optional), customized mask, moisturizing treatment and a facial analysis. Let's face it! You deserve this today. Foot Reflexology "Overworked and underappreciated" is what our feet would murmur audibly if they could, but not today. Today we improve circulation, and increase the overall feeling of wellness from the bottom up!


UC 14 Day Virtual Detox

Lose Weight Restructure and Reshape Group Support Sign Up Today!


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